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Mental and practical specialization

commercial issues

The speed of solutions is your requirement and the continuity of your presence is our success

International and local commercial contracting, contracting, amending, canceling, agreement, judicial and arbitration terms

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Compensation cases

With different types, you will find the solution with us

  • Car accidents, planes and ships

  • Accidents of direct and indirect medical negligence

  • Cases of breach of civil, commercial and labor contracts

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Cybercrime is a modern-day crime

Hacking accounts and websites, stealing their contents, including photos, conversations and files, and exploiting them, whether by republishing them or blackmailing them.

Commercial and civil companies

Mohammed Al-Samni Foundation is a pioneering institution  In the field of corporate and commercial practice in Egypt, the company provides its clients with a wide range of legal services, starting with participation and advising on pre-contract negotiations, drafting and reviewing joint venture agreements and agreements for commercial agency and distribution. and franchises, advising on documents for the establishment of companies, branches, subsidiaries or international corporate structures, advising companies on day-to-day matters, organizing and attending board and shareholder meetings, drafting and certifying minutes of meetings, and obtaining official licenses and licenses.

Family and family law

Cases of domestic violence, exploitation of children and women, denial of lineage, proof of lineage, proof and denial of marriage, marriage of foreigners and Egyptian women to non-Egyptians, initiation of civil marriage, conclusion of family agreements, cases of marriage and divorce, issues of expenses and wages, including school expenses. 

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مؤسسة قانونية دولية مختصة بالجرائم الإلكترونية والعنف الأسري والاضطهاد - محامي بالإسكندرية مختص بقضايا التعويضات والقانون التجاري والشيكات - محامي مصري مختص بزواج الأجانب وانكار النسب واثبات النسب